A Game For the Whole Family – July 2012

by everydayheartbreak

So my trips on the tube have been brightened lately by the bill board ads for the Cultural Olympiad festival – each poster lists some of the cultural highlights that we can look forward to – these include the Scissor Sisters (obviously when I think of London, or more widely England and everything that we have to offer culturally the Scissor Sisters are the first thing that comes to mind) but the real highlights for me are a little further down the billing…

It is beyond me quite how they dreamed up these gems but it strikes me that it was some very strange and quite arbitrary tombola exercise where three completely random and disparate words were picked out and then bunged together. Word one is something broadly cultural – word two is any verb and word three a noun of your choice.

Thus as part of the Cultural Olympiad we have: “Poetry falling from the sky”, “An Opera from a Helicopter” and “A Lake on Fire” (here they have neglected to include anything cultural at all) – all of which appear to be utterly fucking meaningless.

And we’ve paid for this shit. Great.

Curate Your Very Own Cultural Olympiad!

But hey, I’m not always negative and the beauty of this rather random process means that you can play along yourself. Simply write the following words on pieces of paper, cut up and put in three separate piles. You then pick one word from each pile to curate your very own Cultural Olympiad Festival – how fucking AWESOME is that! (You might have to include a connecting word or two…

Word One

London Symphony Orchestra
The Royal Shakespeare Company
Carol Ann Duffy
Damon Albarn
The English National Opera
Anthony Gormless (that’s what I call him anyway)
The Donmar Warehouse
Gary Barlow (that’s a joke obviously)

Word Two

Flying into
On fire
Falling over / into
Bending over

Word Three

Big Ben
A plane
Damon Albarn (no that isn’t a mistake)
The River Thames
The Queen
Battersea Dogs Home
A unicycle
The White Cliffs of Dover

Thus you might have Damon Albarn on Fire at Battersea Dogs Home – and who wouldn’t want to see that!

And that’s just to get you started!

Happy Culture!