An Open Letter to the Passengers on the 8.23 AM Train from Startford to Clapham Junction – May 2012

by everydayheartbreak

To the passengers on the 8.23 train from Stratford to Clapham Junction,

I’m bored again. I’m bored of your indifference; I’m bored of your sullen expression (it wouldn’t hurt to smile once in a while). I’m bored of your individual “look”, I’m bored of your flat in Dalston / Haggerston / De Beavoir Town, I’m bored of the Milan Kundra / Jonathan Safron Foe / Hunger Games book your reading (why are…you reading a children’s book anyway?!), I’m bored of your iPhone, why can’t you put it down? Why can’t you look around you and live in the here and now? What are you doing with it anyway? I’m bored of your boyfriend. I’m bored of your music, why can’t you take out your ear phones? Why are you listening to Rihanna anyway?

I’m bored of irony; I’m bored of your stupid hair / beard / trucker cap. I’m bored of Homeland / the Killing / the Wire or whatever you’re carping on about this week. I’m booooorrrreeeeedddddd. I’m bored of your blog, tumblr and instagram. I’m bored. I’m bored of your job, I’m bored of your friends, I’m bored of your Barber jacket, I’m bored of fads, fashion and insincerity. I’m bored of the bullshit, the crap, the phoneys, why won’t you live in the here and now?

Why won’t you smile? Is there anyone really alive out there? Is there anyone real?