Dear Restauranteurs of London – May 2012

by everydayheartbreak

Dear Restaurateurs of London,

I am bored. Bored of meat, bored of cocktails in tumblers, bored of pop up’s, bored of queues, bored of hand written menus, bored of hipster staff, bored of American craft beers (it’s fucking beer, and usually if its American far too hopped), I’m bored of burgers, bored of food that comes in newspaper / on a board / tin plate (delete as applicable), bored of “no-bookings” policy. Bored of South London (why do all these things start in grim places like Peckham or Brixton? I knew there was a good reason never to venture south).

I am talking to you Meat Liquor, I am talking to you Pitt Que and you Hawksmoor and a whole of host of other joints that are currently starting up in a NCP Car Park in Catford. I’m BOOOOOORRRRREEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDD! I’m bored of reading about you. Pleasegoawaynowthankyou.

I went for breakfast at the Electric in Notting Hill this morning. I booked a table, my eggs benedict came on a (hot) plate, the waiting staff were presentable, polite and attentive, there wasn’t a hipster in sight, there was matching crockery, a lovely zinc bar, the brasserie was in the place it was last week (and last year and the year before that), it hadn’t suddenly decided to operate out of a car park or an ice cream van, there were complimentary newspapers and Django Django were not being played at full volume. It was really quite lovely.

Best wishes,