Everyday Heartbreak. An Introduction – November 2012

by everydayheartbreak

Introductions are supposed go at the start of something. This is technically the start of something, it just happens that that something has been going on for a while. Also I am a contrarian so the introduction can go where ever I want it to.

To reiterate the about section – this is not a blog, I am not a blogger, nor am I a writer – Everyday Heartbreak is merely a humble abode for my ramblings.

Everyday Heartbreak has come about through conversations IRL – a term I in fact learnt the other day from a blogger (for those not quite up to speed with the parlance IRL means “in real life”), friends of mine close and not so close, in fact for the most part not so close, have said to me over the past months that they enjoy my Facebook posts, which is very humbling. It is nice to know someone reads what you write. Neither Facebook nor my hard drive felt like the best place to compile them, hence why I find myself on WordPress which feels like the correct medium for what I am trying to create – a place where they all can live.

No small thanks is due to my friend and housemate who suggested and has encoraged me to do this, and also to a young lady whom I met the other week who said as her parting words that I should “start the book tomorrow”.

What we have is not quite the book but a compilation of writings from the past six months or so which I will add to as and when. Of the current selection some of them you might have read before, others you might not. Some of these pieces may have made you angry, or they may have just confirmed your suspicions that I am an idiot. Some people decided they no longer wanted to be my friend on Facebook because they didn’t like what I had written. I’ll make no excuses for what I write, I am interested purely in having an original voice and in thinking for oneself. If there is a broad theme then it is a search for honesty and integrity.

Thanks for reading.