Restaurant Review – The Hunter S – April 2012

by everydayheartbreak

I have just returned home from the worst pub I have ever visited…

Apart from the small group of lovely people I was with it was stuffed to the rafters with the most horrendous yuppie fucktards imaginable. They were all there: the (Cannonbury / De Beavoir / Dalston) Media “Professionals”, PR cumstains, Advertising “Creatives”, civil servants, lawyers, City types. Rather ironically they have named the pub The Hunter S (Thompson), the real HTS would have hated every single phoney jerk off in there. The pub was very noisey (a side effect of too many coked up tossnuggets) but within the din not one single original voice could be heard. The verdict: Avoid If you’re a cunt you can follow them on Twitter. Joy of joys.