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Month: August, 2013

An Original Take Away – July 2013

The endless column inches and webpages dedicated to street food is becoming an annoyance – this week we’ll probably hear about an ice cream van selling tacos, a VW camper dispensing deep fried whitebait, a gypsy vardo vending ceviche – It’s all just so much of a gimmick – another foodie fad to fill the bottomless pit of the internet with, another fly by fashion for those more interested in telling people via Facebook what they are doing than taking any enjoyment from the actual doing of it. Life lived at a remove, where no one appears to have the ability to live in a moment anymore – too scared that other people are having a much better time doing something else in some other place.

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I Read Stylist, I Got Angry – Part Two

Well bless Lisa & Lucy at Stylist, who far from taking offence at what I wrote asked instead if I would pen a follow up piece to the original article. It is published today (20th August) and you can read it here.