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Month: December, 2013

A Christmas Message – Stop the World I’m Gettin’ Off

In my first year of university I lived in a thing called Waveney Terrace, a giant edifice of communal living, far removed from the iconic Ziggurats that a Google image search of University of East Anglia will return. In the original designs all the student accommodation was to be these funny pyramids but the money ran out so they built Waveney Terrace. There were a few popular legends about Waveney, the first, that it was based on Swedish Prison, seems unlikely – it looked more like a housing development in some far flung corner of the Eastern Bloc  – the second, which during the winter certainly felt like it, was that Waveney Terrace was the first thing that the cold wind and weather hit on its way West, direct from the Urals – Waveney was handily built on what in Norfolk would probably constitute a ‘hill’ – the first hill since Russia and for a good few weeks in that first year I  struggled to open the door as rain, snow and wind hampered my daily trips to the bar.

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The Style Column: Anarchy & the Unexpected – December 2013

When I was 17, I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean and discovered Johnny Depp. As a child and teenager I didn’t watch too much television, especially not American TV. For me American TV meant Friends – and Friends was the most awful thing I’d ever seen. So I don’t think I’d ever knowingly watched a film or TV show with Johnny Depp in it. Films, like TV, were not my thing; music was. From as young as I can remember, I’d always been thrilled by the Rolling Stones. To see on screen this anarchic, larger than life character soaked in the spirit of Keith Richards, I was hooked. I poured over all the photos and magazines I could get hold of with him in; I remember a particular article in Vanity Fair where he saunters into the lobby of a posh London hotel dressed in his hobo get up, and the well-heeled crowd are oblivious – I just thought that was so cool, to be in that environment and to have no care for tradition or propriety.

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Enough of Faux Vintage – December 2013

A terrible thing is happening and it must, must be stopped. I’d feared its arrival for some time, but it appears to be too late: faux vintage or fake antique is here and it looks like it might be here to stay – at least until fashions change again. The worst perpetrator is a well-known high street retailer; (without naming any names it is the one with excellent ethical credentials and mawkish Christmas adverts) that is currently selling a range of interior decorations under the name “The Curiosity Shop”.

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Something for the Weekend – The Best Dirty Weekends – December 2013

Really, the joy of a dirty weekend should not be in the destination, nor should it be the getting there. You shouldn’t need a guide book (unless it’s the Karma Sutra). No ruins, no National Trust properties, no Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (unless you’re talking about your lover unclothed) should be on the agenda, though if you’re feeling brave you could try a little outdoor nookie, and travel should be kept to the very minimum. No the joy, should be the joy of sex (and lots of it).

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Restaurant Writing Manifesto – December 2013

At Me:Mo strict and draconian measures have been put in place to make sure this blog is updated. A white board has been requisitioned, a calendar created; contributions to the blog are now mandatory – it’s even been written into my job spec. I dare not miss a deadline, I’ve no idea what the consequences will be: privileges removed, an Orwellian crackdown on my civil liberties? My pleas, that I didn’t want my creativity stifled, or forced were deemed selfish and petulant – divaish even. I was told I was letting the side down, there is no ‘I’ in team and all that. Now usually I like to cause a stir, I’m happy to actively rock the boat – life is always more interesting when you say ‘no’. However I’ve had to concede that some battles are worth fighting and others not so much so. I am after all not trying to dream the follow up to ‘Loveless’.

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A Dorset Lunch – December 2013

I could tell you about the excellent fish pie; the Dorset crab that had crawled its way up from the harbour; the cider brandy cocktails; the unctuous roasted artichoke; the view… my god I could tell you about the view. It might be the finest view from any restaurant window in the country.

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